Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh yeah! I have a blog!

Hello, lovelies!

I have been away for a little while.

My first thought: "Holy crap! It's June!"

I didn't mean to abandon the blog, but over the last few weeks I've:

• led not one, but TWO new business pitches at work.

• won one of said pitches (woo hoo!). I will now be working on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer business. I can't tell you how much this means to me. Besides coming from a long line of breast cancer survivors (Hi, Mom!), the fact that I'm going to be working on something that has actual meaning will (hopefully) make my time here a little bit more tolerable. And now, when people walk around here saying things like, "What's the big deal? We're not curing cancer!" I can finally say back to them: "Actually, we ARE." So there.

• told my extended family and friends about our big move. everyone is being very supportive and encouraging.

• had to accept the fact that this face:

is a murderer.

That's right. That chipmunk never stood a chance.

So between mothering a neighborhood killer, working until 3am – sleeping for 2 hours – and then turning around to come back IN to work, and preparing for and hosting a Memorial Day picnic for 45, this chick is exhausted.

But I have a few things up my sleeve.

Stay tuned.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Vito KILLED Chip or Dale? Very sad since the chipmunk is my favorite critter.

You and I live the exact opposite lives.... I sleep... I have a lot of free time....I'm not stressed @ moment (wait, I am, but just adjusted to new stress).

Congrats on the Avon 3 Day walk. I had one sister that did the walk several years ago and have 2 sisters who are survivors. I envy you for working on such a great project.

The Sorority said...

Good lord that face on Vito - I just fell in love with those eyes!

ChristyLove said...

Okay so there's a radio DJ in my town who was babysat by some "notorious" mass murderer, all during the time of said crimes. Gross, I know, but this picture made me think of how you never know. Actually, now it has me worried about *MY* baby...

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