Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer reads

I should call this post "Ode to Nelson DeMille" because I LOVE LOVE LOVE his books, and just finished the newly-released The Lion in just one day.

Yes, my friends, I read a 400-page book in one day. (See what happens when I have a day off? I'm VERY productive.)

I'm sure you're all saying "Nelson who?". Nelson DeMille wrote The General's Daughter, an awesome book that became an OK movie with John Travolta. And he's written a bunch of other stuff, too. His books are full of personality and wit. You should really check him out. He's one of the few non-chick-lit writers I read.

Here's a list of my favorite Nelson DeMille books (grouped by main character):

John Corey novels:
Plum Island
The Lion's Game

Night Fall
Wild Fire
The Lion

John Sutter novels:
The Gold Coast
The Gate House

Paul Brenner novels:
The General's Daughter
Up Country

Okay, enough DeMille preaching.

One summer, back when I was temping between college semesters, I found myself in a boring receptionist job. I was pretty much told I could do whatever I wanted, as long as I stayed at the desk and answered the phone. Now, these were the days BEFORE computers (hear that, you twenty-something whipper snappers? once upon a time, computers didn't exist! and neither did justin bieber!)

So I started reading a Danielle Steel novel that my mother had lying around the house. And then another. I was reading for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So I went to the library and took out every Danielle Steel novel they had. And my "Summer of Steel" was born. Have I picked up one of her novels since that summer? Nope.

Point being, I love to read. I DEVOUR books.

Next up in my summer line-up:

My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster
Promises to Keep by Jane Green (signed!)
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,
The Girl Who Played with Fire and
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Steig Larsson

What's everyone else reading?


Kristin said...

In ONE day? Way to be lady!

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Little Ms Blogger said...

My Fair Lazy by Jen Lancaster
Promises to Keep by Jane Green (signed!)
Gastronomical Me & The Art of Eating by MFK Fisher
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral
Knives & Dawn
Under the Table (A lot of cooking theme going on)

and 6 others.