Wednesday, July 21, 2010

confirmed: I could totally become a lady of leisure

Today was my first day at my new job (more on that later!) after a week and a half of vacation.

And holy hell, if I could afford to keep my ass at home every day, I absolutely would.

I didn't like being home, I LOVED it. I puffy heart loved it. With whipped cream on top.

During my days off I managed the demolition at the new house, called exterminators (yes, we have a gazillion termites!), scheduled electricians, ensured the "crew" had lunch every day and a beer-stocked fridge, laid in the pool, spent time in the grocery store, cooked for no reason at 11am on a Tuesday, gave Vito belly rubs, had a glass of wine (or 2...or 3...) 'just because' in the middle of the afternoon, made phone calls that pretty much no one returned, and pretty much did everything I could never do when I was working.

For a week I didn't blow-dry my hair or put make-up on my face. And - let's face it - my showering schedule was pretty erratic.

But, all good things must come to an end.

Today, I started my new gig.

I barely got an idea of what I'd be doing, since I spent most of the day filling out forms and watching someone show me how to use the complicated computer system.

HER: "It's a lot to learn our system"

ME: "Actually, the hurdle will be more of me getting used to a PC than learning your complex database."

Hold the phone...a PC? Um, yuck.

Also on the "holy-crap-i'm-gonna-miss this" list:

no facebook at work
no personal emails at work
no blogging at work (WTF?)
no blog reading at work
no fun at work (perhaps an exaggeration)

Tomorrow will be my first "real" day...learning actual work, and not how to sign my name on 237 forms.


Merely Me said...

You go girl! Hopefully you still get trips to the giant hell-hole! ;) Our remodel is done. Everyone is amazed that we made it "look just like upstairs"...Whatevah. Totally cool. Four by four tumbled slate in the bathroom. Laid one by one. Contractor got a bottle of Jack for it. Everyone says, "Those come in 12 x 12's right?" or some version...Nope. Perfection. Art! I can only imagine the fun you are having now! ;)

Tasha said...

Glad you enjoyed your mini vacation (other than making 4 gazillion phone calls and discovering the termites). Good luck with the new job! No blogging at the new job?! Boo to that!