Thursday, July 8, 2010

dear metro north railroad,

You and I have been together for a long time. From my days commuting into NYC for my UNPAID internship at a travel magazine, to my birthday trip last year with Mr. KK, and now more recently as I'm taking the train on my last two days of work.

I have a favor to ask: do you think it would be possible to install cup holders for each seat? Maybe on the backs of the seats so my iced coffee could be right in front of me instead of picking up germs on the disgusting you-know-you-never-mop-it floor?

Because, honestly? In the morning, 99.9% of your passengers are juggling bags, laptops, newspapers and their morning cuppa. One only has so many hands, and eventually they run out of room for their beverage.

This may also eliminate accidents I've seen happen when someone has kicked over their coffee they were forced to put on the floor, making a huge mess (that will never really properly get cleaned up, let's be honest).

It's true I won't be on the train to commute again after tomorrow, but if you could do this for others on my behalf, that would be fabu.


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