Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mother nature 1, kk 0

Heat wave, you WIN.

We tried, we really, really did. But your oppressiveness, equator-strength sun and absent breeze was just too much.

So we caved.

We FINALLY put our air conditioners in the windows.

This was the year we thought we'd make it. Hell, it was already July 1 and we were going strong. We were hoping to hold out until we had a realtor come and see the house. Having AC units in the windows was not only completely unattractive, it also drew attention to the fact that we had no central air. (One could argue here that a 100 degree house would also draw attention to our lack of air conditioning as well.)

Sure, it was WARM at night, but nothing a little oscillating fan couldn't fix. And yes, the last few nights Mr. KK was so uncomfortable he slept downstairs on the couch under the ceiling fan. And then there was Vito, who every night would drape his fur coat-covered body all over me, his own little way of saying, "See how YOU like it".

So between the triple-digit temperatures, our concern for Vito,and being away for the long weekend and sleeping in cushy hotels with the AC set to 65, we came home Monday night and did the deed.

And all I have to say is it's about frickin time!

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