Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Smell Like A Stranger

My sweater smells.

Well, it doesn’t smell, it just doesn’t smell like my detergent.

Because it’s not.

Because I washed my clothes at my mother’s house this weekend.

Because it doesn’t take "just 5 minutes!” to hook up a (new to us) washing machine.

It takes 3 days.

Day 1
Attempt to hook up washer and dryer.
Discover that all hoses are too short.
Take deep breaths.
Determine that too much valuable weekend time has been spent on this project.

Day 2
Stare at washer.
Stare at too-short washer hose.
Stare at laundry pile.

Day 3
Make dreaded trip to Home Depot (aka: worst “store” on earth; should never even be part of a “shopping day”).
Buy new hose.
Hook up new hose.
Run washer and watch water leak all over floor.
Mop up water.
Make second trip to Home Depot (even less fun than the first trip).
Come back with SAME hose and new clamp.
Hook up washer.
Continually chant "NO leak! NO leak! NO leak!" through the 30 minute cycle.

(Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.)

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