Thursday, May 1, 2008

Prime Time, My Way

May Day!

Even though the calendar says May, the weather screams late March. Two weeks of warm spring weather and we’re back to cold and rain. I'm sorry to say, this is all my fault.

My apologies: I dragged out my summer clothes and did the big closet switcheroo last weekend. I have cursed us.

And the curse works two ways.

Because I’m ready for summer:

  1. We will suffer from near-freezing temperatures at night and I will not have clothes warm enough in my closet to wear to work.
  2. People in other parts of the country (nowhere near me and my summer-ready garb) will endure a ridiculous heat-wave and possible drought.

I have this crazy reverse-effect on television, too.

Whenever I fall in love with a TV show, it mysteriously gets cancelled and goes off the air.

((One show that didn’t follow this pattern was The Gilmore Girls. Even though the show eventually ended last year, it ran for seven sensational seasons. How I miss those Girls! And it took place in Stars Hollow, Connecticut! Yes, I know that town doesn’t REALLY exist.))
((I checked.))

Past Shows I Have Killed Due To My Adoration (the short list):
  1. My So-Called Life (the best teen angst ever!)
  2. Once And Again (alternate title: “How Your Kids Can Screw Up Your Chance At Finding Love Again”)
  3. Relativity (the first lesbian kiss on primetime TV – need I say more???)
  4. Cashmere Mafia (this was the closest I came to (sort of) filling the Sex And The City void in my life; AND, hello, what's up with that hot “Manny” Adam they introduced for the last 2 episodes? then they cancel the show? WTF???)

Here's a crazy idea: let ME be in charge of the television line-up!

My Ideal Primetime TV Schedule
(each night would have a theme, and the shows would ALWAYS have new episodes and never go on hiatus)

MONDAY – Not-So-Reality TV
8pm: The Amazing Race
9pm: Hell’s Kitchen
10PM: The Next Food Network Chef
11PM: Last Comic Standing

TUESDAY – Guilty Pleasures
8pm: American Idol
9pm: Gilmore Girls
10pm: Project Runway

8pm: Chuck
9pm: CSI Miami

THURSDAY – Night Of A Million Laughs
8pm: How I Met Your Mother
8:30: Scrubs
9pm: The Office
9:30: 30 Rock

FRIDAY – Week Wind Down
8pm: What Not To Wear
9pm: Jon & Kate Plus 8
10pm: The Soup

All Food Network, All The Time

SUNDAY – Welcome Back, Favorites!
7pm: My So-Called Life
8pm: Relativity
9pm: Once And Again
10pm: Cashmere Mafia

Please pass the remote!


Lori said...

Can I watch Chuck with you at 8PM on Wednesdays, please??? That's the next show that *I* am afraid *I* have killed due to my adoration! I've blogged about that, and also Dead Like Me (dead on Showtime) and Freaks & Geeks (didn't even make a full season), all of which I'm sure I killed. I'm very, very worried about Chuck, which has not yet reappeared after the writers' strike.

kk said...

OMG! I forgot about Freaks and Geeks! I LOVED that show!

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