Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've Totally Been There

Who hasn't?

One of my favorite email forwards! Got it again today and thought I'd share.

  1. We have absolutely no idea where our purse is.
  2. We believe that dancing with our ams overhead and wiggling our ass while yelling "Woo Hoo!" is truly the sexiest dance move around.
  3. We've suddenly decided that we want to kick someone's ass and honestly believe we could do it, too.
  4. In our last trip to pee, we realize that we now look more like a homeless hooker than the goddess we thought we were just four hours ago.
  5. We start crying and telling everyone we see that we love them SOOOO much.
  6. We get extremely excited and jump up and down every time a new song plays because 'OHMYGOD! I LOVE this song!'
  7. We've found a deeper, more spiritual side to the guy sitting next to us.
  8. We've suddenly taken up smoking and become really good at it.
  9. We yell at the bartender, who we believe cheated us by giving us just lemonade (but that's just because we can no longer taste the alcohol).
  10. We think we are in bed, but our pillow feels strangely like the kitchen floor.
  11. We fail to notice that the toilet lid is down when we sit on it.
  12. We take our shoes off because it's their fault that we're having problems walking straight.
I am guilty of 9 of these.

(That I will admit, at least)


Lori said...

HEY! You've gotta quit reading my mind or living out a slightly younger version of my life! LOL! I spent the weekend up north with my hubby and three other couples, and if it weren't for the photo (and, sadly, video) evidence, I would have very little idea what I did! (It's yesterday's blog entry, if you want to see pictures... I refuse to discuss the video, but it involved the words, "Chick??? Are you dead???"

Anonymous said...

I think I've been there for all of your 9!

Beth said...

I am guilty of eight. But I know at least a few of my closest friend who are guilty of them all.

Anonymous said...

Guilty of 10. I refuse to count #10 as "yes I have" bc it specifically says kitchen. Which means I'm homefree, right?

Try this one on for size: We not only dance on the bar but fall off as well.

good times, good times.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Found your blog on jennsylvania and could not be more pleased by this first post I read. So true! Inspired by Jen and others (like you) I created a blog today. It is simple, undeveloped and probably boring...but wanted to let you know we seem to have similar interests in common haha. If you get bored or find your self at the computer one late night after a few cocktails (like I often do) stop by my blog and let me know what you think: Jacks, Yurman and Bobbi Brown. I look forward to continue reading your postings!