Sunday, June 1, 2008

Who Wants Cake?

Only one week to go until Dad's retirement party.

Friday morning at work
On the phone with Mom

MOM: "I need to order the cake."

ME: "Okay. Let's do it."

MOM: "I heard that the place near you is good. It starts with a 'G'."

ME: "Emerald Bakery?"

MOM: "Yes! That's it!"

Saturday morning
Emerald Bakery

Mom lets me do the talking. We get the lowdown on the cakes. We take a card and tell the guy we'll be calling him.

MOM: "What should we get?"

ME: "What kind of cake does Dad like?"

MOM: "Your Dad doesn't eat cake."


MOM: "If it were up to me, I like chocolate."

ME: "Guess what? It IS up to you. Let's get chocolate."

MOM: "But not everybody eats chocolate."

And not everybody RSVP'd to the party, either, but that hasn't stopped us from giving the final head count and lunch orders to the restaurant.

ME: "You're never going to please everyone. How about 2 layers of chocolate and one layer of vanilla?"

MOM: "Vanilla or Golden?"

Seriously? Does it matter? Neither one of us even LIKES yellow cake.

ME: "Golden. With raspberry filling."

MOM: "And what about the frosting?"

ME: "I don't eat frosting, so I don't care."

MOM (whining, sort of): "Please help me out on this."

Help you out?

Who put together the guest list? Who picked the place? Who chose the meals? Who created, printed, addressed and mailed the invitations? Who managed the RSVPs? Who had a "you better reply NOW" email sent to the delinquent invitees? Who's coming up with the plan to get Dad to the restaurant next week?

You're right, Mom, I should totally step up.

ME: "I don't like super-sweet frosting, I think it ruins a cake."

MOM: "How about butter cream?"

ME: "Perfect." I think.

MOM: "And what about decorations on the cake?"

ME: "How about, 'Happy Retirement'?"

MOM: "And what else? I don't think your Dad is a flower guy."

ME: "Mom, it's a cake. It's going to cut up into 40 pieces. Why don't you see if they can do a little golf tee on a putting green or golf clubs or something."

MOM: "What a fabulous idea! You're so good at this."

Yes, I know.

Can't wait to "help plan" the next family event.

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