Saturday, November 29, 2008

Holiday Recap: Pre-, During and Post-Bird

Usually when I have more than 2 days in a row off from work, I can never remember what day it is. Like right now, it feels like Sunday.

Overall, Thanksgiving was a success! Nine very happy, very full people left my house Thursday evening, with very empty hands. Which means I have a refrigerator-full of leftovers.

The last 3 days have been a blur – from getting everything ready on Wednesday, to executing Thanksgiving 2008 on Thursday, to braving the shopping crowds on Black Friday.

Here’s a mid-break recap so far:


  • Craziest thing I saw at the grocery store:
    A rather unkempt woman in her fifties, shopping with one of the grocery carts that has the big red plastic baby seat attached to the top of it…with no baby.

  • Weirdest thing that happened at the grocery store:
    Being hip-checked by a woman in the condiments aisle so she could grab for a jar of fire engine red, heavy, gelatinous ham glaze. (Gross.)

  • Number of times I zig-zagged in the grocery store because my list was organized by ingredients instead of store planogram: 11


  • Biggest party foul:
    First Place:
    Yours Truly knocking over an entire glass of red wine on my brand new cream tablecloth.
    My dad giving the bar and living room hardwood floor a tonic bath.

  • Most popular dish:
    Roasted figs stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with honey.
    Main dish:
    Cornbread, sausage and apple stuffing.
    Pumpkin cheesecake. (Thank you, The Cheesecake Factory!!!)

  • Most MacGuyver moment: My Grandfather’s homemade double-pie transporter, made from an empty wine box, tin foil and two hangers from the dry cleaners.

  • Number of pounds of our turkey breast: 18! (Um, what size was the whole turkey???)


  • Biggest Thanksgiving hangover: Yours Truly.
Actual conversation:

ME: “I only had 3 glasses of wine.”
MR. KK: ((raised eyebrows))
ME: “Granted, they chased an entire bottle of Prosecco...”

  • Weirdest thing that happened: a chardonnay-soaked high school classmate “petting” my hair.
  • First time eating leftovers: At 12:30am, post vodka night out.
  • Number of Christmas presents bought: 1.5
  • Number of shoppers out on Black Friday: all of them.

Hope you all had a yummy holiday!


Andy said...

That's a success in my book- wine on the floor and down your throat. I like the word "planogram," as well.

merely me said...

Where else would you get to read this in the recap: "Most MacGuyver moment"?! Loved it.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That sounds like an incredibly successful Thanksgiving! Mine was pretty normal...I knew I should have come to yours!

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