Saturday, June 20, 2009

469 miles, 3 states and 25 drinks later...

I’m back from Philly! Aren’t you all dying to hear about my trip???

Because I was always out and about and Mr. KK was more or less at work, our communication was mostly through text messages. So I thought it would be fun to experience my birthday trip with the girls through our texts.

But first, a general list of PROs and CONs:

PRO: Having time off from work.

CON: NOT making it Pat’s and Geno’s for a cheesesteak.

PRO: Spending time with the girls like I haven’t done in years.

CON: Jungle-like weather conditions. I mean, we were three states away, not in the Amazon.

Okay, now for the Cliff's Notes version of our trip:

Wed. June 10

TEXT: AC, baby! We’re here! Ocean view room!

Our first stop was Atlantic City. Yep. Our $39 room had an Ocean View. Granted it was rainy and cloudy and cold, but it was nice to see the beach we weren’t going to.

At lunch I scored a free cosmo by answering a riddle and humoring an old, lonely guy at the bar. Anything for free drinks on our birthday trip!

TEXT: Lost. Am a total loser.

Even with Lady Gaga’s poker face advice, the cards were not good to me.

Thurs. June 11

TEXT: Best. Grilled Cheese. Ever.

On the way to Philly we made a pit stop at The Pop Shop (hey, that rhymes!), which is a soda shop/sandwich shop that was featured on Throwdown With Bobby Flay.

They have about 25 different varieties of grilled cheeses, and I tried their version of the one Bobby made in the challenge: brie, goat cheese, bacon and tomato on sour dough. Holy cheese overload! Topped it off with a chocolate milk shake and some fries and onion rings.

Bellyache city.

TEXT: Literally just bumped into Danny DeVito. He’s shorter than me!

Seriously. He’s like 3 feet tall. And what little hair he had was a total mess. That night we saw him at the hotel bar with a group of young people. Turns out he was in Philly shooting an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and was having drinks with the cast of the show. I don’t watch the show, and found this all out after the fact, but I totally count this as a celebrity sighting.

(the next day on TV was the movie “Twins” with Danny and Arnie…coincidence???)

Fri. June 12

TEXT: Heading out to learn shit! Xoxo

The Liberty Bell, where the first congress met, where they printed the Declaration of Independence, Betsy Ross’s house…I was all historied-out.

TEXT: At the game…extra innings of course.

Longest. Sox game. Ever.

Sat. June 13

TEXT: Having my new favorite martini in the hotel bar. Going for Italian tonight. Raining like cats and dogs.

Our hotel bar made the yummiest martini ever: The White Grapefruit Cosmopolitan. We took a picture of the menu ingredients so I could recreate it at home: Grapefruit flavored vodka, cointreau, fresh lime juice and white cranberry juice. Shake and garnish with fresh cranberries.


TEXT: Back at the hotel bar. Spilled red wine on my white jeans…oops! Having another two of my favorite martinis. Am spending lots of money!

((pretty self explanatory))

((this night consisted of 4 martinis and 2 glasses of (red) wine. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a rough morning after))

TEXT: am the only one awake…don’t want to make noise but I am bored. Heading out early, see you soon! Can't believe vacation is over!

My morning insomnia didn’t go on hiatus for vacation, unfortunately.

Mon. June 15

TEXT: Ugh. Just got to work. It’s like I was never away…


Lori said...

Hey, stop by Fermented Fur... I had a road trip this weekend, too! And sent interesting texts like "Am not stabbing other fans in the head. Deserve medal." (Trip report is three posts, all put up yesterday)

(There are pictures of the most GORGEOUS man on the planet, also.)

Tasha said...

Love the text (cliff notes) version of the trip! And I want that martini recipe! YUM!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Glad you had a great trip!