Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WANTED: Facebook tutor for my mother*

Facebook: Please go back to the "old way" of doing stuff, where you can't see what all your friends are writing on their friends' walls.

Because right now, my mother thinks that everything she reads on her homepage that I've written to other people, is written to her.

She is commenting back to me on something I wrote to someone else, because she doesn't know that it's not written to her.

*I am willing to pay top dollar.


Emily said...

hahahahaha your mother has a facebook? my mother has a fear of online social networks and online shopping.

edder said...

Emily, I don't think kk wants to hear your bragging right now...hahahahaha....

The Sorority will probably weigh in on this, but I've noticed she has a relative who uses FB to plan all their social events, and opine on various people. The back & forth is rather entertaining! Eh, Rack? LOL

Little Ms Blogger said...

When my sister said she was going to get my 87 year old father on FB, I was like NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the exact reason you posted about.

One of my nephews told me he wasn't going to befriend or twitter me and I completely understood. Personally, don't want him really reading everything I post.

Sometimes a girl just needs boundaries from the family she loves.

Leo said...

My aunt was on FB and then reported back what she read INCORRECTLY to my mother...to the point where my BF unfriended her! No good can come of that!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

What is it about technology that is so hard? My mom has a blue tooth for her Blackberry. She still holds the phone up to her mouth when she talks (bluetooth in ear).