Monday, June 22, 2009

I'd like a large pizza, extra weird

Last week I worked late (shocker) so we decided it would be pizza night.

Mr. KK placed the order (it was his turn to pick toppings) and I picked it up.

ME: "Um, hi, I'm here to pick up an order for pizza and a salad."
GIRL: "Name?" I mean, there's NO ONE in the place, and no orders waiting besides mine.
ME: "It's under either KK or Mr. KK."
GIRL: "Oh here it is...Mr. KK."

She rings me up. I see her punch in $18 for the pizza.

ME: "Wow. A large pizza costs $18?" I'm all of a sudden 85. And cheap.

Yes, we order a large pizza. For two of us. And we sometimes finish it. Don't judge me.

HER: "Well, he ordered 3 toppings. And they are WEIRD toppings, too."

Weird? Like grasshoppers? Gummi bears? Gum balls?

ME: "Like what kind of weird toppings?" Now I'm a little concerned I'm picking up the wrong pizza.

HER: "Sausage, eggplant and ricotta." She makes a face. Skinny, bitchy cheerleader face. I doubt she even eats pizza.

ME: "Sounds delicious."

I pay her and leave.

And the pizza? Totally rocked.

What are YOUR favorite pizza toppings? Weird like mine???


merelyme said...

super thin crust.

Tasha said...

Fav pizza toppings: pineapple, chicken, & bell peppers... delicious!

I swear we may be clones! We have the same birthday and have been married the same # of years! Too funny! If only I had your cooking skills!!!

P.S. Thanks for the anniversary gift ideas!

Lori said...

No meat. Not that I'm vegetarian, but hate meat on pizza or in pasta dishes.
Black olives
Mushrooms (triple, if possible)
Artichoke hearts
Feta cheese

Emily said...

I love almost all types of topings except anchovies.
unfortunatly i live in a stirctly cheese or hamburger house.
it's upsetting.

GlitterFactory said...

kalamata olives

not original. but SO GOOD.

Stephanie said...

I love lots of veggies on my pizza basically anything but olives.

I am sorry she was so rude to you, like it was any of her business what you got on your pizza. She got her $18.

Toni said...

Hands down; just pepperoni, plain and simple but sooooo good!

Cyn said...

pineapples and jalapenos. eggplant rocks!

edder said...


Grasshoppers, gum balls, gummi bears?

You're hilarious.

Jules said...

spinach, feta, sundried tomatoes, and never, ever any olives, BUT now I want to try yours!!

angelsroy33 said...

Thick doughy crust, tiny bit of sauce, extra cheese, and chicken,spinach,garlic, and roasted peppers! YUM! Too bad only my girlfriends like it, and not my husband, so we always just get plain ole cheese pizza. Whoo-hoo.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Love me some white pizza! Also I love jalapenos as a topping!