Monday, August 3, 2009

August is my January

I'm never good with New Year's resolutions.

For example, we are 8 months into this year, and I'm yet to lose any weight, eat any better, drink any less or be any more organized.

So I was thinking maybe I'd be better off making "life changes" now, at the beginning of August. I wouldn't call them resolutions, because then I probably wouldn't do them. But with everything that has gone on in my life lately, it seemed like the perfect time to start making some changes.

So they are, in no particular order:

start my novel. I've actually already done this (yes, Lori, I swear I have!). I have only 3 pages written, but it's something. and something is better than nothing.

back my shit up. yes, you'd think I would have done this a year ago, but I didn't. I'm going to do it this month. Promise.

make more time for me (and Mr. KK). that means spending more time at home, which means maybe saying "no" once or twice at work.

be more organized. I say I will do it every year. but I'm going to be late with one of my best friend's birthday card, and that's a no-no. I try to NEVER be late with stuff like that. it's too important. but here I am, mailing it the day of. I'm so ashamed.

revamp my ipod. well, i'm going to try. I will resurrect an old library that I have on my home computer (that has only like 300 songs, but it's better than nothing...). plus, my work buddies have promised to share all of their that should get me rockin' in no time.

be a better blogger. I WILL do this. Whatever it takes: novel excerpts, rants about coworkers, grocery lists...

keep up with my google reader. just because i don't comment, or am a "follower", that doesn't mean I'm not reading and keeping up. think of me as the small, silent type.

maybe...MAYBE...maybe submit a video for The Next Food Network Star. No pressure and no promises.

Those are the big ones...I'll keep you posted and look forward to your encouragement along with way.

Happy New...August!


Pinay in Dutchland said...

so true about about being a follower. i also follow a lot but sometimes i dont leave comments becuse i just dont feel like leaving one. goodluck to your goals hehehe.

Lori said...

Yay about the novel! The other stuff, too, but especially the novel. Even though I'm still looking for an agent, finally finishing my first one has changed my life, how I see myself and my future, and how I approach writing... forever. I reserve the right to hound you mercilessly to keep you motivated! :-)

Tasha said...

Sounds like a great start to the August! Good for you!

Jules said...

I have given you an award at my place! Hope it helps with the whole motivation thing!!

Swishy said...

Good for you! I totally need to back my stuff up, too ... I NEVER do!

Anonymous said...

Great list...maybe I will make on in for August too. Maybe everyone should have a monthly resolution. That might work better. I'm about as good at keeping mine as it sounds like you are keeping yours!