Wednesday, August 19, 2009

an itchy palm means money, right???

Every week Mr. KK and I have the same conversation on Powerball drawing evenings:

MR. KK: "I'm feeling like a millionaire."

ME: "Do we have the chance to be millionaires?"

And then Mr. KK produces a Powerball ticket.

Corny, but tradition.

NOTE: we are yet to be millionaires.

However, I have requested one extra ticket for tonight's drawing, which is for $250 million big ones.

I mean, of course we won't win, for a variety of reasons:
  1. We're not a middle-aged bowling team from Minnesota
  2. Our "house" does not have wheels
  3. We don't live in a town called "Winner, North Dakota", "Lucky, Texas" or "Shot In Hell, Tennessee"
  4. We're not on our very last dollar
  5. We're not a union of factory workers looking to escape carbon monoxide poisoning
  6. We have all of our teeth
  7. We don't use the underside of our mattress to stash our savings
  8. We are not both married AND related to one another
  9. We are not purchasing our tickets with the spare coins we found in the seat of our beat-up Ford pick-up
  10. We don't own a shotgun
I love those post-drawing interviews with the winners, who assure the world that the money isn't going to change them, that they're going to wake up every day just like any other, get dressed and head off to their very same job.

I have two words for those people: What-ever!

If (when) I win, my life will change drastically:

I would quit my job
I would give away millions to family and friends
I would avoid the paparazzi
I would "work" as a writer, and finally have the time to write my novel
I would build my dream house, with my dream kitchen
I would buy a house in Boston
I would buy a house in Napa
I would travel for a whole year: Fiji, Italy, Machu Picchu, Mexico
I would pay for a cancer wing at Dana Farber in Boston

How about you guys? What would you do with $250 million dollars???


Miss Rosa said...

First, I think if left hand is itchy it means lose money, right hand means get money? Don't hold me to that.

Millions of dollars = Private Top Gun school. Learn to fly fighter jets with all my friends.

Little Ms Blogger said...

You forgot - you live east of the Mississippi River....and I'm going to win.

What would I do? Stop worrying about $$, help out others, build a dream house and travel..oh and become boat owners.

Toni said...

God, there isn't enough paper or time in the world to say what I would do with that kind of money but I guess the obvious would be give my mum a lot of money to do up her flat to its former Victorian glory and then spend my days travelling around the world whilst writing a book.
And I get what you mean about the winners - they always seem to be benefit cheats that win over here!

Kayla said...

Gosh! There are so many great things I could/would do with $240 million! Of course after the government takes their claim of 1/2 of it! :-)

I would travel, buy a new house with enough garages to fit both of our cars and a boat, buy a boat to fit in said garage, share it with family and friends, enjoy our lives and safe some for our future children college funds.

Actually, you've convinced me to go out and buy a ticket. Thanks KK!

Ventilator said...

With $250 million... I would turn into Imelda Marcos (that lady who had tons of shoes) Yes. I would buy so many shoes, it would be unbelievable...and of course, I couldn't forget the purses. and I would "call in rich" to work.

But after the selfish part, I would want to work with a charity in America that worked to feed American children. Not African, not Mexican. I take pride in being American and I would want to support an organization that works to end poverty in our back yard first.

And oh yeah... I'd have a killer house, killer kitchen and a bathroom the size of a baseball field.

Organic Meatbag said...

The bad news is in...I guess none of us won, but some asshat that collects used panties must have won...

Lori said...

HEY! I'm middle-aged AND live in Minnesota. Does that mean if I join a bowling team, I can become a millionaire??? Because I have been bowling.

I also grew up in a trailer, and while not completely broke, I can definitely see my last dollar from here.

I would buy an island in the middle of a northwoods lake, build a nice log home, and write, write, write. I would have a personal dog groomer who would come once a week and keep my dogs from looking like strays after a hurricane. I would pay off Jess's mortgage on the clinic. I would go to Greece, Ireland, Pompeii, New Zealand, the Galapagos. I might buy Bermuda. I would fund a sanctuary for senior golden retrievers. I would also fund an endowment for struggling writers. I would attend every single Cross Canadian Ragweed concert for at least a year, or simply pay them for private monthly concerts.

Now, where'd I put that ticket???

The Sorority said...

This is so much fun - here goes:

- quit our jobs immediatly!
- sell house, buy land and build dream house
- buy kick ass boat to travel around world
- finally buy a Kelly bag from Hermes
- buy puppy for Arthur so that he has company
- fix my parent's house up and make sure they never need for anything
- set up trust funds for my nieces and nephews
- I would have so many pairs of Manolos and Louboutins
- I would travel the world with Wilson for the rest of our lives
- Give lots to charity
- and there is so much more that we would but the best thing is that we would have FUN!

Tasha said...

After paying 125 million in taxes (ouch!), I would put half of what is left into interest bearing savings accounts. Even at 1% interest, I would rake in $625,000 per year on these. I would take care of my parents and my husband's family too. I would make fat donations to the Hemophilia Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

THEN, the MTV-Cribs style fun begins!
Buy a kick ass apartment in Paris.
House in Tuscany... with it's own winery.
Apartment in New York.
Aston Martin Vanquish.
Jaquar XK.
and pretty much anything from Tiffany's!

Cyn said...

I dont think we'd have much left after taxes... Maybe I'd be able to afford a new car and a house...

Mich said...

oooo what i would do with that much money!!!

never. work. again.

actually... scratch that... i would make shopping my job. and not just shopping for me, once a week i would chose kids who are less fotunate and take them on an all day shopping spree.

and buy a private jet. for me... not the kids... LOL