Friday, August 21, 2009

The Special K Challenge: discuss amongst yourselves

Have any of you ever done the Special K Challenge? Kelloggs promises that if you follow this cereal diet you will lose up to 6 pounds or 1 inch in 2 weeks.

I have done the Challenge. I did it before I went to Philly, because I figured I'd be eating like crap and I wanted to be pro-active and try and combat some of the weight gain. I had never had Special K cereal before that, and I ended up really liking the cereal. So much so, that I still eat it every day for breakfast (and I even measure it out...because I'm crazy like that).

The Challenge is also a good way for me to combat against late nights at work when we constantly order unhealthy takeout.

I was curious if any of you had done it, and if it worked.

Have a great (cereal-free) weekend!


siovhan said...

I totally did. And I don't know about 6 pounds ..but I did lose some definite weight. I kept it up for almost a whole summer once because I loved the cereal, it was easy to follow and I saw results.

Little Ms Blogger said...

I never have. You did - did it work?

Btw, does a bowl of Special K hold you over till lunch? I'm looking for some good breakfast ideas.

kk said...

I think it worked. I didn't measure or weigh myself, but I remember my jeans being a little looser.

a bowl does NOT fill me up (especially the 1 cup serving size). I eat that at about 8am, but am hungry around 11am. So I have a snack (usually a yogurt or Special K bar)

Little Ms Blogger said...

I left you a present

edder said...

OH NO!!!! I just realized I bestowed the same award given to you by LMB. Check out my blog for the write up.

Ah well. Enjoy :)

Little Ms Blogger said...

Edder, you didn't. I gave her the Love Ya Award.

You're safe.

merelyme said...

Sorry to be a needle in a haystack...

K S.K. has high fructose corn syrup in 'em. They ain't margaritas so I can't make the exception...unless of course, you lose weight...I will wait for the results. ;)

They make it damned tempting with all the fruit flavors!

Also - I don't care...I'll drink your olive juice...just can't bring myself to on "healthy" food! ;)