Thursday, August 13, 2009

time sure flies

Four years ago today, Mr. KK and I said our vows on the hottest day of the an unairconditioned chapel!

But that didn't stop the celebration!

Happy Anniversary, Mr. KK!


Little Ms Blogger said...

Love the pictures.

An unairconditioned chapel? Please tell me there was air conditioning for the reception.

I hope that you leave work early and do something special.

The Sorority said...

KK - what great pictures and congratulations on 4 years of marriage! Doesn't it amaze you how fast the years fly by?

However - an unairconditioned chapel? I hope that you had cold beverages waiting for you after you got hitched!

Hope you guys gave a great day/evening planned!

Tasha said...

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. KK! Your pictures are beautiful! I love your dress! (I was just thinking that I don't know how people survived before air conditioning).

Toni said...

Congratulations! lovely pictures.

Cyn said...


Pinay in Dutchland said...

the second picture is so adorable! congratulations.

siovhan said...

I LOVE the lanterns!

And kudos on 4 years. That's so great to hear!

And unairconditioned? Wow. Freak, I would not be as happy as you were.