Saturday, December 12, 2009

things i'm bad at

1. relaxing
2. listening to people telling me to relax

I just can't sit still knowing there's laundry/cleaning/work/wrapping/decorating/organizing/shopping that could be done.

And when I finally did lie down on the couch, there was nothing – and I mean nothing – on TV.

OR, a pack of dogs decides to walk by the house and Vito turns into a jumping bean on the cushions and my stomach.

And watching all these episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress" makes me want to have another wedding so I can try wedding dresses on again.

I'm lit like a Christmas tree. So I've shut myself off from the Vicodin because – to quote myself – it makes me feel "fuzzy and woozy".


Natalie said...

ha i can commiserate with the not being able to relax's kind of an issue...

Bathwater said...

You need a different drug of choice, try Xanax!

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