Friday, December 11, 2009

two extractions in one day

I thought my trip to the oral surgeon for my tooth extraction would be the big news today, but alas, I've been upstaged.

The show stealer? The minute I walked in the door at work I found out that a former coworker was arrested for first degree child pornography! My first reaction was pure shock, quickly followed by the immediate urge to vomit.

He hasn't worked with us in about a year, but he was (is?) the nicest guy (to me, anyway). Always pleasant, saying hello, offering to change the water bottle so I wouldn't have to. And to think that he was visiting child pornography sites and had downloaded over 400 images of children to his computer just makes me sick.

So, upon hearing the news, I unfriended him on Facebook. It's my first "unfriend". And I feel awful doing it, but I know I'm not alone. When I first checked his page out this morning, his friend count was at 168. Ten minutes later, it was down to 162. In one swift click, I extracted him from my life.

The second – and really, in comparison, boring – extraction of the day was my tooth extraction. It was quick and pretty painless (except for now that everything is wearing off), mostly just pressure and sucking sounds. But is there anything weirder feeling than Novocaine in your mouth? I felt like Rocky Balboa after a bad fight.

But now, I'm home, snuggled on the couch with Vito, enjoying my Vicodin.


Lori said...

Don't be bashful about unfriending! I not only un-friended everyone associated with my job, past or present, because of someone "monitoring" me, I blocked them so that for all practical purposes, I do not exist for them on facebook. No shame. And they aren't even into kiddie porn. As far as I know.

Tasha said...

That's horrible about your ex-coworker. Any sort of crime against children is the worst crime in the world to me. Good for you for unfriending him.

I hope your teeth (or I should say lack of teeth) feel better. You could listen to Eye of the Tiger and yell "Yo Adrienne" to entertain yourself during your recovery. :-)