Friday, December 4, 2009


Today, I am tired.

Today, my ass is dragging from getting home late from a client dinner in NYC.

Today, because of said lateness, I have dirty hair.

Today, I am wearing diamond earrings with a track jacket.

Today, I ate a mismatched lunch: leftover turkey burger and gourmet grilled octopus salad.

Today, my fellow coworkers have booked me in meetings from the minute I arrived here until the minute I'm leaving. (Except for that 15 minute window so that I can pee and eat some lunch – you guys are THE BEST!)

Today, we are decorating our tree, as soon as we A.) locate all of the lights from last year or B.) buy all new lights. (I'm leaning towards B, because it's just easier)

Today, I am looking forward a night in with Mr. KK, complete with a "dinner" consisting of: ciabatta bread, rosemary breadsticks, 2 kinds of cheeses, fresh sliced prosciutto, olives and oven roasted tomatoes.

Today, marks the 34th day in a row I've posted to my blog (in case anyone is counting)

Today, I'm asking you to watch the video I posted yesterday because it's so frickin' funny. Seriously. (Please?)

Today, I'm wishing you all a super-fun-we're-deep-in-the-heart-of-the-Christmas-season weekend!


GlitterFactory said...

i love love love that this is the 34th day in a row that you've posted! i check every day :-)


Little Ms Blogger said...

I haven't been counting, but I did comment on your last post how impressed I was that you've kept posting after November.

Do you ever sleep?

Btw, what's wrong with diamonds and a track jacket? If you were a housewife of OC, you'd be under dressed if no diamond studs with the jacket. :-)

Bathwater said...

I'm seeing how long I can go without setting up the tree this year. I'm wondering if Christmas will come before the tree rises from the basement;).