Tuesday, December 15, 2009

was Paul Revere busy?

Two months ago – in the height of my madness for boots (yes, we're back to boots, sorry!) – I ordered a pair of "not-the-real-thing-but-they'll-do-for-fifty-bucks" boots from Target.

They were impossibly hard to find in store, and even more so online. To add frustration to the ever-growing boot fiasco, when I placed my order, I was told the boots were on "back order" and Target would let me know when they had more available to ship, and that it was likely that my boots would arrive sometime towards late December.

That was in October.

Lots has happened since then. In case you haven't been reading my blog, here are some highlights of the last 60 days:
1. I blogged for 30 days straight in November
2. I've been pronounced cancer-free
3. I had dental surgery
4. I learned I'm no good on narcotics
5. I found better* boots to fill my Frye Carson void
6. I've quit Jillian Michaels
7. I executed a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal for 12 people flawlessly
8. I survived Black Friday
9. I got a cold sore
10. I did yard work

So, while ALL of that stuff was going on, the Target elves were busy making boots that I forgot about.

Last week I receive an email about these boots. (Did I already pay for these boots when I placed the order? I can't remember.) "Do you still want to proceed with the order? The order will be delayed another few weeks." So apparently I'm getting these boots for Fall 2010.

So I click "YES" (what they hey!) and forget about the boots again.

Yesterday I receive an email informing me that my boots have been shipped! And they even sent a little picture, probably to remind me what they looked like. (I still like them). And now I can track them!

So I did.

And it says this:

ITEM SHIPPED: December 14, 2009
TRACKING NUMBER: sljdfkslhfwioerhsfhs
DELIVER TO: kk's house
STATUS: in transit (yippee!)

Um, excuse me?

January 28th?

Are they WALKING my boots to me?
Shipping via dog sled?
Routing through China?

*ie, cheaper and almost as good


Miss Rosa said...

What stuck out here to me was quitting Jillian Michaels. Woot! She's one scary broad.

Tasha said...

Oh no! Those boots are being held hostage at some Target shipping warehouse! When (and if) you ever get them, be sure to post pics.

on the Rhoads of life said...

HAHA! Terrible! Something similar happened to me recently where I ordered something two weeks apart online from the same store and received the 2nd item 2 weeks before the first. So annoying!!! Good luck on getting those boots before Memorial Day.

Stereos and Souffles said...

Cancel! You're probably getting the Fryes for Christmas :-)

Jules said...

You forgot that you also started Jillian Michaels and got tremendous dirt on your co-worker!

FunnyGal KAT said...

The word "shipped" seems to be a misnomer here. I mean, "shipped" means they have left the warehouse and no matter where in the world that warehouse is located, the boots should not take a month and a half to get to you.

My idea is to call Target as soon as you get them to say you're returning them by the same route they were shipped, wear them for a few months then send them next-day delivery. Serves 'em right.

Bathwater said...

Don't you know it takes six weeks by boat to get things from China-- trust me I deal with it every day!

Kristin said...

I quit Jillian too! Time to let her torture me again when 2010 hits!