Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fine line: dating and interviewing

My company recently won a really big account.

Which is really exciting. Until the work starts pouring in and you don't have the bodies in place to do it.

So we need to hire people, pronto.

(PSA: Do you live in Connecticut? Do you want to live in Connecticut? Do you want to work in promotional marketing? If you read this blog, chances are your answer is no. But if you're a masochist, please feel free to email me your resume.)

So my days have been filled with interviews. I've listened to more people talk about themselves in the past few weeks than Dr. Phil has.

And I bet Dr. Phil would agree with me: interviewing and dating are very similar disasters.

Case in point:

You wake up with a nervous stomach.
You stand in front of your closet forever trying to decide what to wear. A dress seems too stuffy. Jeans look like you're not trying.
You check your watch a million times. You don't want to be too early. You definitely don't want to be late.
You meet. Is shaking hands too formal? Should you high-five? Light arm punch?
You talk a little about yourself. You're sure to ask questions, too, so you don't seem too eager. Or full of yourself.
You feel it's going well. You're being asked questions about yourself. To "get to know you better".
You make jokes. You come off totally cool, engaging and poised.
You hear: "It was great to meet you" and "I'll call you". You believe it. You totally just rocked it.

So you wait.

A call doesn't come.

But what happened?

You both had a good time, right?

You were funny!

And poised!

And charming!

You thought you hit it off.


Back to square one.

Dating? Interviewing? It's all the same thing!

And it makes me glad I am happily married and have a job. I just couldn't take the stress!

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Little Ms Blogger said...

I live in CT.

Seriously, what are you looking for because I do know people in your industry and may be able to refer people to you.

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