Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I probably wouldn't be very good on Survivor

I'm not a "roughing it" kind of girl.

I don't like camping.
(Although I like the idea of camping, I don't like the idea of no indoor plumbing)

I'm a little OCD.
(When things don't go according to plan, or – god forbid – there is no plan, I start to twitch)

I can't survive without electricity.
(Or any of the things associated with electricity; ie, things with plugs)

This past weekend, the Northeast was pummeled with a bad rain storm and damaging winds. While my area escaped rather unscathed, there area where I work was hit pretty hard. Lots of coworkers lost power. One poor woman watched both of her cars get totaled when a tree fell on her garage. Lots of people were showering at the gym because they had no hot water. (Okay, this is something I would use my gym for. Not for working out, but as a satellite bathroom...genius!)

And on Monday, I came to work only to find out we didn't have any internet or email access.

Um, excuse me?

We all sat there – well-educated, smart human beings – flabbergasted at how we were going to work without email or the internet. How would we get layouts to clients? How would we communicate changes to team members? You mean we had to – gasp! – pick up the phone? And dial it? With our own hands?

What was this? 1988?

(thankfully, all has returned to "normal" – I am able to email/IM/surf the web/update FB all at the same time again. Phew.)


FunnyGal KAT said...

We have occasionally lost power at my company for a few hours at a time. While I have a laptop so I'm able to keep working (theoretically-- I don't actually keep working while everyone else lounges around) I find I am lost without the Internet. I feel your pain!

Lori said...

Tell me another story. That one was too scary! NO INTERNET???

Tasha said...

I'm with you! I need my modern conveniences! The idea of sleeping in a tent also makes me twitch. Eww.