Sunday, March 28, 2010

i love power tools

This conversation occurred last night.

Mr. KK: "I bought a new saw today. You'll love it."

KK: "Why? Is it pink?"

Mr. KK: ((raised eyebrows))

KK: "What?"

Mr. KK: "You think I bought a pink saw?"

KK: "If you did, I would like it."

Mr. KK: "It's not pink. It's orange. You love orange."

KK: "Well, not all orange. Is it Home Depot orange? I don't like Home Depot orange. Or is it a nice tangerine like my mixer? I like that orange..."

Mr. KK: ((blank stare))


NSGIRL said...

That's hilarious! Sort of reminds me of some conversations in my house! lol

Little Ms Blogger said...

OMG - My husband bought a new saw on Sunday and was so excited about the purchase. I was like 'that's nice'.