Tuesday, March 2, 2010

not nice, Kate

Just moments after Mr. KK and I decide to curb our spending for the next few months, I get this email:

FROM: Kate Spade
RE: Kate Spade sample sale – up to 75% off!


It took every iota of will power to keep my virtual shopping cart empty.

Some of the beauties I had to resist:


Little Ms Blogger said...

Just think of it this way, if you filled them up, they'd be heavy and not fun to carry. :-)

Did that help?

FunnyGal KAT said...

75 percent off? Why, that's practically free! How could Mr. KK expect you to resist a purse that's basically being given to you?

Oh, this probably isn't helping. Should I say they're all ugly? (They're not, but I'll say it if it helps you resist them. That yellow one is especially, uh, terrible).

Jules said...

can't. stop. shaking.

You are a strong woman!! Have you checked out Oprah's ebay auction? Definitely not 75% off, but makes for some great daydreaming :)

Simply Me said...

new follower :)