Thursday, March 25, 2010

travel. ugh. open letters to make me feel better.

Dear company I work for,

While I DID love Chicago when you sent me last summer, I was hoping the next time I visited could be with Mr. KK, and not with coworkers. Again.

Oh, and about the THREE MORE upcoming trips to Chicago? I mean, really? And don't even get me started about making me fly out on Easter. I'm afraid of what I might do to you.


Dear two Type A personalities that I'm traveling with,

When we arrived at the little kiosk in the airport to call for the hotel shuttle, was it necessary for BOTH of you to pick up a phone and do it? Like it was a race?

It would be peachy if you could just relax a little bit...for my sanity's sake.


Dear seatmate who left her lung on the plane,

Are your arms broken?

Because you didn't lift them once to cover your mouth.



Dear cab driver,

How many air fresheners did you have in your taxi? 458?

Good Christ. I'm pretty sure my hair still smells like Vanillaroma.


Dear Guiliana Rancic,

I'm in your hometown!

I went to Sushi Samba last night for dinner, but I didn't see you.

Maybe we can meet up for a drink later?


Dear Renaissance Hotel,

Thank you for my yummy in-room breakfast.

Unfortunately, I will now need a nap in order to stay awake during my 4-hour meeting.

(See? I could never TRULY disappear. I just love it here too much!)


Little Ms Blogger said...

The only + of traveling with 2 type A personalities is that they'll do all the work with stupid detail and you can relax.

Tasha said...

I hope you have a little spare time to enjoy the city even though you're there for work. I LOVE Chicago. I want some Pizzaria Uno now please.

Traceybear said...

complaint #2(lady coughing on plane) reminds me of my last grocery shopping trip. While I'm checking out, a little girl shows up out of nowhere and stands next to the bagger. And as all my items are coming off the coveyor belt she proceeds to touch EVERY single item of mine and cough all over them before the bagger had a chance to bag them. and then she tried to steal some of my items by hiding them behind her back.
the germs weren't bad enough since it was the day after being sick w Norovirus (and a 3 day quarantine while on vacation), but then she tried to steal from me.