Thursday, January 5, 2012

it's like riding a bike

I have a slight case of blog block.

I don't have a lot of news to share, since most of my waking moments have been filled with work and the new job.

I'm either:

- at work
- driving to/from work
- thinking about work
- answering the question, "how's work?"
- or sleeping (and probably dreaming about work)

But I have to say, it's all good.

Is it cliché to say I was welcomed back with open arms? Well, tough cookies. Because I was. And it feels pretty damn good. I haven't felt wanted and respected - when it comes to work - in a long time. It gives me the warm fuzzes.

Know what else? After an 18-month hibernation, it's time to wake up my shoe game again.

No more boring 'corporate' shoes! Down with the conservative pumps.

KK's back in her element - so you know what that means?


I started today. Just one pair. To ease me back in.

And it. felt. great.

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