Sunday, January 29, 2012

the secret to a happy marriage.

Mr. KK and I have found the key to marital bliss.

And I don't mean 'his and hers' sinks.

We discovered Command Picture Hanging Strips.
Go ahead. Laugh.

We do MANY home improvement projects together. We just renovated an entire house without killing each other.

We put up a cork backsplash.

We painted 8 rooms, and a gazillion feet of trim.

We laid a tile floor.

We're quite a team.

But when it comes to hanging stuff on the walls and actually making our house look lived in? Well, that's another story.

We've both blocked out the memories of decorating the walls in our last house. It was a beautiful 1930 Colonial with plaster walls. Have you ever tried to hang something in a plaster wall? You can't use nails. You need screws and plastic anchors and a broom to sweep the floor when a three-inch chunk of wall smashes onto the floor. And if you make a mistake? Oh, the horror! Then you have a series of holes in the plaster. As I said, we've blocked out most of those nights, having barely survived.

The walls in the new house are made of sheet rock.

But even then, the thought of us tackling the job of hanging items and putting holes in all the walls simply terrified me. We certainly didn't need a night of swearing and frustration, and the possible tossing of tools.

So when we saw these Command saviors in the store, we just had to try them.

We've used the hooks before all around our house - for hangers in my closet, to hold towels on the back of the bathroom door, and to secure dish towels in the kitchen cabinets.

We took a chance and hung three picture frames in our bedroom - in a straight line and symmetrical. Had we been using nails and screws, this job might have taken us hours and put us over the edge.

But with these little miracle workers, we were done in 10 minutes. So we tackled some frames in the hallway. 5 minutes. Then we put 2 pictures up in our bathroom. 7 minutes.

And the best part?

We didn't kill each other.

And the house looks great.

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