Tuesday, January 24, 2012

west coast woes.

I'm traveling for work.

I'm on the West Coast for the week, attending client meetings and brand immersions. And missing Mr. KK and Vito.

But, the bright side, is that in-between meetings (which are inconveniently planned for Monday and Thursday, making it necessary that I stay for the WHOLE week), I'm visiting with Mr. KK's family, whom we don't see very often. Oh, and I'm saving a shit load of money on hotel expenses while I'm at it. (You're welcome, Agency X).

Oh, did I mention I was sick? Yep. Clogged ears. Tunnel hearing. Mucus. (yes, I went there.)

And I get up at 3:30am because my internal clock is on 'east coast' time. Which, to my body, is really 6:30am. So technically, I'm sleeping in.

Yesterday, though, I got a sweet little taste of home while riding the BART (the Bay Area's version of the subway. Except it's clean. And easy to navigate. And the enunciate each stop. And clean.). I hopped on to heard to Mr. KK's family house, which was 6 stops away.

There's a saying that goes something like this, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait a minute."

I rode that rain for 20 minutes and witnessed the following weather:

When I got on: overcast, but bright
Stop 1: cloudy
Stop 2: clouds and wind
Stop 3: pouring rain
Stop 4: overcast
Stop 5: misting
Stop 6: bright and almost sunny

And the best part is, everyone who knows I'm here is asking, "how's sunny california??"

It seems California is confused and having an identity issue.

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ChristyLove said...

The best part about that is this might be our warmest and driest Winter in the last five years or so.