Monday, July 28, 2008

Things I Didn't Expect This Weekend

1. My uncle downing FOUR martinis at dinner, then proceeding to talk VERY LOUDLY telling stories screaming non-PC terms
(if I could have hidden under the table, I would have)

2. My friend giving birth to her second baby IN THE CAR ON THE WAY TO THE HOSPITAL
(my first thought: "Eew! What a mess!")
((my second thought: "We are totally driving the next time we go out with them."))

3. Two strange guys* sleeping at my house on Saturday night
Okay, they were my husband's coworkers. But they were from another office. And he's only met them, like, twice.)

4. To skip my exercise class, then be made an example of (via an email from the instructor) to her entire address book.
(Granted, she didn't use my name when instituting the new "if you miss a class you pay" policy, but THAT email came right after the one telling me that if I miss a class I have to pay)


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Congrats to your friend! And workout instructors can be mean...a friend of mine laughed very quietly during yoga once and the instructor snaped!

The Sorority said...

A baby the car! Good lord - her husband had better get that car detailed!

Also, the uncle and the martinis - embarrassing but good family story fodder!

Thanks for giving me a Brilliante Award! I am so honoured and flattered!

Anonymous said...

Do you know:

I think you gals would make good friends!

cheeky said...

I guess you didnt have much of a weekend. First time I heard people having a baby in the car besides the news. maybe go out for a nice coffeee to wind down.