Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Having trouble sleeping? Read this blog post!

I started out the day in a silly mood, which was only enhanced when I stumbled across the Stray Cats and 2 Live Crew on Sirius radio this morning (not on the same station).

As I am slowly coming off my 3-day-weekend high, the most I can muster up today for a post is a weekend recap. (Who said I didn’t love ya?) Concentration is at all all-time low for me today because I’d much rather be writing blog posts and reading your blog posts and updating my Facebook page. Instead of doing work.

You’d think with three whole days off I’d have some juicy nuggets to report.


(However, if you thought that I was procrastinating chipping away at the large pile of work on my desk due to lack of motivation, you’d be correct.)

Okay…I’ve kept you waiting long enough!


Friday Night

We went to one of our ever-exciting dinners with my uncle who’s visiting from California. These dinners usually consist of my uncle having WAY too many martinis, then complaining about my grandparents and then (happily) paying the bill.

Friday night he didn’t disappoint.

It was quite an evening. I had my mother complaining to my left (“This is pineapple juice, not grapefruit juice” and “What? Did they forget about us?”), and my uncle across from me, spitting vodka-soaked words at me (“Oh, puh-leeze, those people never appreciated me” and “Those two should consider themselves LUCKY that hey have a son like me!”).

Like I said, fun stuff.

Quote of the night:

“Today I deleted all the dead people out of your grandmother’s cell phone.”


I did something that I never, ever allow myself to do on the weekend: nothing.

That’s right. I sat my ass down by the crackling fire, finished my book, snacked on cheese and crackers and took a nap. Pure bliss.

I redeemed myself by cooking a spectacular garlic and rosemary crusted Pork Rib Roast and roasted potato dinner for Mr. KK and his father, whom we were entertaining while my mother-in-law was out gallivanting with her friends.

Highlight of the night:

Dominating and causing the two men bankruptcy in a heart-pounding game of Boston Red Sox Monopoly.

It's nice when women rule the (fake game board) world.


Woo hoo, more family time!

This time in the form of dinner at my parents’ house with all 3 grandparents (and, thankfully, no uncle to stir the pot of family stress).

I love being invited over to my mother’s house (read: being invited out so I don't have to slave away in my kitchen), and then spending the day in her kitchen, making dinner.

Only took four phone calls to nail down the directions for making the macaroni and cheese, all of which was waiting for me, unstarted, when I got there.

Priceless phone call moment:

MOM: “Will 3 slices of bread be enough?”
ME: “For what?”
“The topping for the macaroni and cheese.”

ME: “I don’t know. I don’t even know how much you’re making.”
MOM: “Well, make a guess then.”
“Okay. No.”

“Why can’t you ever agree with me?”


I’m a huge fan of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network (a network I will NOT be on anytime soon, thank you very much), and I think Guy Fieri has a to-die-for job of eating his way around the globe. (Of course, I think I have trouble NOW fitting into my favorite jeans, can only imagine the issues I’d have eating at every greasy spoon from Maine to Montana)
So whenever he features a place in Connecticut, it automatically makes it on our “Must Do Before We Die” list.

So we went for lunch at Shady Glen, a family-owned dairy store in Manchester, Connecticut. They’re known for their super awesome cheeseburgers, so that’s what we got. They use 4 pieces of cheese for every burger (healthy!), placing each square half on the burger and half on the grill, so that the four cheese ends get all toasty and crispy. And I even had room for a dish of their homemade ice cream – cookies and cream, my favorite.

And here I am.

Back at work.

And that's your exciting (boring) update.



Lori said...

That weekend? Contained WAY too much family time! I recommend more ass-sitting, book-reading, and snacking.

Little Ms Blogger said...

So, was Shady Glen worth the trip?

Tasha said...

My life will be incomplete if I don't eat one of those cheese covered hamburgers. Sounds like a great weekend (minus the family time).

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Your mother is hilarious...I love your stories about her. And the 4 cheese burger!?!?! So jealous!

PS What ever happened with the Next Food Network star...you seem a little bitter?