Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's a girl got to do to get a calendar around here???


((Goes without saying: I am very happy that I have a job. However, I’m pretty ticked I can’t get a freaking calendar.))

((And yes, I could go out and buy one. But now? It’s about principle.))

Every year my company passes out new desk calendars. This calendar is my lifeline. I use it for EVERYTHING: birthdays, social get-togethers, meetings, hours logged on client jobs, appointments, vacations, napkin.

But this year, for some reason, they didn't hand out calendars. So, feeling I might have been absent on calendar day, I went in search of one.

Detective KK is on the case!

(Our usual admin is out on maternity leave, so perhaps the MIA calendars were a result of that. So I decided to probe the temporary admin for the deets.)

ME: “Hey! You might not know anything about this, but every year they give us these cool desk calendars. And we’re already halfway into January and I haven’t seen any…you know anything about that?”

ADMIN SUB: “I don’t think we’re getting those calendars this year. The COO doesn’t want us to have them because they have the parent company name on them.”

Really? What the big deal? I mean, they own us.

ME: “Oh. Alrighty. So, are we getting different calendars? In place of those?”

ADMIN: “I don’t think so.”

What? No calendars??? What kind of company do I WORK for???

((breathe, KK, breathe))

ME: “Can I order one?”

ADMIN: “I’m waiting for clearance on a really big supply order. Once I get that we should be able to order them.”

I got news for her, by the time she gets clearance I’ll need to order a 2010 calendar.


ME: “I can’t believe we’re not getting calendars over here.”

COWORKER: “Why don’t you ask someone in the other building if there are any extras?”



To: Tech Girls 1 & 2
From: KK
Subject: Desk calendars

This isn’t a tech question, but you’re the only ones I know over there!

I don’t think we’re getting a shipment of the 2009 PARENT COMPANY desk calendars this year...any chance you’ve seen any floating around...maybe an extra one that can make its way to my desk over here???

No worries if you haven’t, just thought I’d check.



To: KK
From: Tech Girl 1
Subject: Re: Desk calendars

Hi KK,

I will put one in interoffice for you.

I think there are some in the mail room.
Tech Girl 1

Woo hoo!

I should sharpen my pencils and get ready to start transferring birthdays and eyebrow appointments.


To: KK
From: Tech Girl 2
Subject: Re: Desk calendars

I just found out that per the COO no one in your office is supposed to have the calendar PARENT COMPANY gives out every year.
That is what I was told. Sorry.

What EXACTLY do they think I’m going to DO with this calendar? I can’t have this calendar just sit on my desk? Do they think I’ll be pimping it out at clients? I'll get confused as to where I work because of the small company name engraving on the front?

What is so cryptic about this calendar???

((if you need me, I'll be at Staples))


Lori said...

Every year, when Tom asks me what he should tell people I want for Christmas... AND my birthday, which is 12 days after Christmas, I say the same thing. The Celtic Mandala calendar from Northern Sun. I love it. It is beyouteeeeful. And? Every year? After my birthday? I have to buy it myself. Which I'd better go do right now. Sigh.

(By the way, your company is retarded! LOL!)

merelyme said...

...and you can lessen your eyebrow appointments if you buy either the Ulta brand tweezers or the Anastasia brand pink ones (fourteen vs twenty some...) worth either investment!!! Less to track on your non-calendar!

Swishy said...

That is totally totally bizarre. Companies make me laugh sometimes.

Tracey said...

I had a similar event happen to me here. except when I put the order in for the $2.95 calendar, I received an email from the person who approves my orders telling me i'm not authorized to order ANY office supplies so the $2.95 calendar order was REJECTED. so no calendar for me. I hope I don't run out of paper and pens, I'll have to resort to "borrowing" from others.

The Sorority said...

Give the girl her damn calendar! I had to laugh when the 2nd email said that as per the COO you are banned from having a desk calendar. THAT IS AWESOME!!!

I snorted out loud when I read your email.

Tasha said...

This is a very "Office Space" post. I totally relate. I left you some awards on my blog :-)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ahh what a funny office debacle!