Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Okay, I'll Say It

I don’t like the new judge on American Idol.

I totally understand why Kara DioGuardi is the new addition to the trio – she’s got an intense musical background, there’s a little more estrogen in the room, and she’s a new adversary for Simon.

But I’m not a fan.

There’s just something about white girls who do the finger snap and neck groove that bugs me.

And she’s mean. Purposefully.

That poor girl who tried out and wasn’t very good, who had written on her application that she was voted “Most Funny” in high school? Kara laughs after her audition and asks if it was a joke. And then she fake-backtracks and is all like, “What? Oh…you mean…wasn’t that…that wasn’t a joke? Oops.” Mean!

Now, please don't think I'm going to stop watching AI. No way!

The auditions are my favorite part of the show. Randy’s facial expressions alone make it all worthwhile. It cracks me up when he hides his face behind his papers.

As for the original three judges, it’s good to have them back.

Simon. Hey, he’s the guy you love to hate. Except I don’t hate him. I think he’s quite funny, albeit a tad nasty at times. (I will never forget when he told that contestant during auditions that he looked like a Bush Baby from the jungle. O.M.G.)

Paula. Hey, hey, Paula…are you on the wagon? Budget cuts include the Bacardi for your Coke cup? Paula is the most concise and lucid I’ve seen her in seasons. I’d almost venture to use the word “demure”. And I hate that word.

Randy. Seriously, you are one big dude, Dog. And I love when you sing along. And your funky red Sally Jesse Raphael glasses.

And, of course, Ryan Seacrest. LOVE him. He’s like a little doll; I just want to put him in my pocket.

As for who the American Idol will be? I have my picks already.

KK out!


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...

Ohhhh. I don't like her either! She's just unnecessary.

If they REALLY want to revamp the show... I say they should let us vote OFF the contestants, instead of voting to keep them IN.

Lol. That would get me to participate.

merelyme said...

This totally could have been my post! I agree one hundred percent with everything you said. You're brilliant! I am addicted to AI but missed tonight. *Sigh* I don't get the finger snap neck groove though - now I need to pay attention.
I love Simon. He isn't nasty - he says it like it is! He counters the fakeness of the other judge comments when they are over the top sicky sweet just because. I seriously only watch Food Network and American Idol. This may or may not have something to do with attention span.

Tracey said...

I guess I was too distracted with Paula's outfit choice last night (stars and hearts turtleneck, something I picture my 8 year old cousin to wear) to see the finger snapping and chicken necking of Kara. I'll have to keep my eye out tonight......

kk said...

I actually think I HAD that turtleneck in 4th grade.

And WHAT was up with Ryan's plaid flannel???

FunnyGal KAT said...

Disclaimer: I only watch AI because my husband likes it and I get to pick what we watch the rest of the time (which, lately, has been the one night a week AI isn't on-- or so it seems!)

But I agree about Kara; she's useless (especially now that Paula has sobered up and has some half-decent stuff to say). I also like Simon-- I think he's the most honest of the judges, if a little mean at times.

I can't believe I'm commenting about AI. Was that--? Oh yup, it was my last shred of dignity leaving the room. Oh well.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I don't like her either...she adds a reality-tv star like aspect to the show with all of her caddy-ness and bitch fighting.