Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sunday morning, 8am

I call my mother. I know it's early, but I also know my mom – she's been up for hours.

MOM: "Hello?"

ME: "Hi, Mom. What's going on today?"

MOM: "I'm just sitting here having tea. Your father is getting ready to go outside and snowblow the driveway. I tell you, when the weather's like this, it's hard to want to go anywhere. Plus, the Giants game is on, and you know how your father is – he can't miss one second of the game. You'd think he part owned the team. So he'll be glued to TV all afternoon. And it's freezing out, I don't even want to leave the house today. Just stay inside where it's warm. Why, what's up?"

ME: "Nothing. I was just wondering if you guys wanted to come over today for dinner."

MOM: "Oooh! We'd LOVE to!"


Tasha said...

That's cute! They'll get out in the snow for your cooking! You should feel special! :-)

Andy said...

She sounds just like my mom.

merely me said...


The Sorority said...

Mom's are the same all over the world! Loved the entry!