Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3: NaBloPoMo*

*They should call it "BlogNoMo" because at the end of 30 days, that's what you feel like.

Right now I'm sitting on my couch with Vito, typing away on my borrowed** Mac, and sipping a KK Special.***

**My mother-in-law felt SO badly for me that we only have Mr. KK's crappy computer that she lent me her MacBook for a few weeks. Okay, it was for one week, but the time has flown by and it's now been almost 3 weeks. I know, I know. I should give it back. Soon. Promise.

***Recipe for a KK Special: Tall glass with ice. Fill 3/4 of the way with club soda, fill 1/4 with pomegranate juice. Also delicious with vodka.

Imagine if I did an entire blog post that consisted of asterisks?****

****I won't, don't worry.

The big news today was that our radon elimination system was installed in our current house. In 2 days, they'll check the levels, which should be almost zero. So we'll stop dying slowly of lung cancer, which is cool.

What's not cool? The $1050 price tag that comes along with the mitigation system.

WTF? Mama was hoping for a manicure this month.

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