Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7: NaBloPoMo - The "I hate people" edition

We've finally reached a turning point in our home renovation. It's finally starting to look like a home. There have been ups and downs (can you say severe termite damage?), but we've made it to a point where I can visualize us living in this place in about a month.

The most difficult thing has been dealing with people. When you deal with someone who is not yourself, you're easily disappointed because not everyone in the world has the same standards, common sense or sunny disposition that you do.

For example:

• The granite guy: for 3 Saturdays in a row we went looking at granite.  After looking at the 4 zillionth piece of stone (which, let's be honest, looked pretty much like the last 3 zillion), we picked 3 that we liked and had the names faxed over to our fabricator. We were scheduled to meet him at his stone yard Saturday at 12:30. When Mr. KK calls, he tells him he already left. WE HAD AN APPOINTMENT WITH YOU. So he tells us to come on Monday at 11am. You know, because I'm just hanging around on Mondays at 11am. I'm not at work or anything.

• The mason: He's a guy that Mr. KK works with at his job who's going to build our fireplace for us. It took him a week to call back. When he did, he apologizes and tells us not to go with anyone else, HE wants to help us. Awesome. We tell him the floors are going in on Tuesday. He hems and haws that the fireplace should be built BEFORE the floors. Well, if you called us back, you would have known that. And if it's that big of deal, COME TODAY.

• The contractor: He's Mr. KK's golf buddy, and he's very meticulous, but we just found paint splatters from when he painted the ceiling on our BRAND NEW Dacor hood. WTF? Why in God's name wouldn't you cover it with something???? That paint BETTER come off.

• The HVAC guy: while putting in the vent in the bathroom, he broke one of our new windows. THAT better be replaced.

So far, the only nice, helpful person we've dealt with is the fireplace insert guy. He was funny, knowledgeable, and he helped us save some money. Now THAT guy I liked!

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