Monday, November 15, 2010

Sometimes you have to bring in the bitch

If there's one thing I've learned from our home renovation project, it's that people suck.

We've had the hardest time just getting contractors to call us back.

Um, excuse me? Are we NOT in a recession? Do people NOT need customers during this trying time?

One of the biggest thorns in our side has been our granite counter tops. Every granite and marble place we go into, I have the uncanny ability of selecting THE MOST EXPENSIVE piece of stone in the joint. It's a gift, really.

After looking at what seemed like 8 billion pieces of stone, we FINALLY found the one. It's a beautiful creamy color with flecks of orangy and brown. It will be the perfect accent to our orange range and chocolate brown cabinets.

After two weeks, we are STILL waiting for pricing for our stone. It should take a day, max.

And this is Mr. KK's project. And I love Mr. KK to death, but he is just too nice.

And I'm...not.

So I have taken over the granite project.

And today, I unleashed Stern KK on her ass.

I said to her, "I'm having a really hard time getting people to call me back."

And she replied, "Oh, tell me about. People can be awful."

And I wanted to scream: I'M TALKING ABOUT YOU, IDIOT!

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