Friday, November 5, 2010

trashing the neighbors

I won't of the best thing about moving out of our house, is moving away from our ANNOYING neighbors.

It wasn't bad enough that right when we were going to put our house on the market they decide to put a huge eyesore addition on the back of their house. But now, they have a huge, over-flowing dumpster in their driveway. Not only does this prevent them from parking in their driveway, and parking their ugly-ass caravans in front of MY house, but it also allows them to throw their trash right into the dumpster, instead of bagging it and putting it in their trash cans.

And, because they're such imbeciles, their dumpster is over-flowing with old lamps, bags of garbage and pizza boxes.

And, of course we had the windiest days in the universe, and all of our neighbor's trash blew all over our yard.

Because nothing says "Buy my house!" like effing trash all over the property.

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