Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what's old is new again

As a self-diagnosed HGTV junkie, I've seen more than my share of people walking into houses that feature bedrooms and bathrooms filled with tacky wallpaper. And I've also watched them try and take the wallpaper down. Not a fun task.

However, I'm totally digging wallpaper for the new house. I'm not talking four walls of black and white toile that makes you want to throw up. There are some AWESOME wallpapers out there.

I'm thinking a cool wallpaper on just one wall of the bedroom and my study, and painting the other 3 walls a nice contrasting color.

Check out how cool wallpaper can be:


FunnyGal KAT said...

I'm sorry, I just can't condone this. The wallpaper in those photos is GORGEOUS, but I can't support the idea. Not after buying a house that had a different wallpaper in every room and giving up soooo many hours of my time to peel it all off!

DNice said...

love it!! i really like the vintage/organic patterns; also the last pix u posted of the puffy flowers on the solid background. just make sure you love it too - not as easy as a paint color to change

traceybear said...

I love it! i debated over this too.....for my 1 bedroom wall. i think wallpaper is much easier these days to get off the wall if you ever want to change it. otherwise i"d say no b/c I too spent endless house at the old place peeling 1 inch strips of wallpaper off the walls for what seemed like forever