Friday, March 13, 2009

The $450 birthday card

I was raised on two theories: “just in case” and “you never know”.

Because of this, I have never lived a day without health insurance. When I was no longer covered by my parents’ policy, I had my own. When I was interviewing for jobs my father reiterated to me how a solid health insurance plan was more important than a larger salary (try telling this to someone who is about to get their first real paycheck – and has rent and car payments due!).

So when we got Vito, of course the first thing I did was get him Pet Insurance. (Yes, they have this. If you wonder what kind of suckers purchase it, hello. It’s me.)

There are a bunch of different types of plans (I won’t bore you with the details), but the bottom line is, it’s just like human health insurance. You pay for it every month “just in case” something happens to you, but at the end of the year, more often than not, you’re put more out of your pocket to pay for the insurance than you would have had you not had the insurance.

Sure, I get small reimbursements for “well visits” and heart worm and flea and tick medications. But the insurance only really pays off if something big happens, which it won’t, because Vito is going to live forever.

So for my hundreds of dollars each year, I get peace of mind.

And Vito gets a really expensive birthday card.


Lori said...

As manager of a vet clinic, I can tell you DO NOT feel bad! I've seen so many people struggle to figure out how to pay for emergency treatment, and as much as I'd LOVE to say "don't worry about it," I can't, because if I do that we won't be in business long and can't help anybody. On the other paw, I've seen people know they can plunk down money that they really need to spend on something else in order to pay for their pet's care, knowing the insurance company will be sending most of it back to them very soon. It's a good thing! (Side note... small practice, struggling, I DO NOT HAVE INSURANCE. But my working there IS insurance for my dogs. As usual, they eat better than I do, and get better medical care. My life is fucked up!)

The Sorority said...

We struggled mightily with the 'to insure or not to insure' decision for Arthur. We had always had mutts and he is a purebred GSP and we were kind of worried about expensive vet bills. We decided to risk it but the first year I was always a bit concerned that we were going to get hit with a massive vet bill. So far, so good but if the decision had been left solely up to me, Arthur would have been a well insured dog.

I am a 'just in case' kind of girl too! You are in good company!!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I've thought about that, too. And even though my Emma is going to live forever just like Vito, I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to her. I might have to look into it now....

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