Thursday, March 5, 2009

I was an only child and i watched a lot of TV

Does anyone else remember a 70's TV show called "Madam" that featured a paper-mache-esque puppet?

Anyone else old enough to remember this show?

Perhaps this will help:

(oh, and speaking of being old, the other day I was chatting with Mr. KK – who is 2 years my junior – and I happened to mention Shrinky Dinks. And he said to me – and couldn't be more serious – "what the hell are Shrinky Dinks?")


Little Ms Blogger said...

I didn't remember the name of the show, but thought she was the lady/queen puppet from Mister Rogers' Land of Make Believe (or whatever he called it).

Shrinky Dinks - really? He doesn't remember.

Please tell me he knows what Sea Monkeys are?

The Sorority said...

I remember Madam although never watched it!

Shrinky Dinks - they were so much fun! How could Mr. KK not remember? Although, Wilson is 4 1/2 years younger than me and there are many things that I remember that he doesn't so I got your back on this one.

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