Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm like the Goldilocks of bathroom lighting

I live in an old house. Old houses tend to have one bathroom on the second floor, as opposed to the master bath PLUS a second bathroom that many of the newer houses have. I do not mind this, as I love my old house, and it's just the 2 of us living there. Plus, who wants one more bathroom to clean?

Our bathroom has an overhead light as well as three lights above the vanity.

About two months ago, one of the lights above the vanity mirror went out. So, doing what any normal wife would do, I asked Mr. KK to change it.

For one reason or another (perhaps he forgot, or maybe it was just on principal), Mr. KK never got around to changing the light bulb.

So I would shower and put on my makeup with one less light.

I know it's only one light, but for some reason, without that light bulb, the bathroom always seemed dim.

Every few days a conversation like this would take place:

KK: "Hey, that light is still out."
MR. KK: "I know, I know. I'll change it."

Two days later, sans changing of the light bulb:

KK: "I'm tired of showering in the dark."
MR. KK: "We don't have any more light bulbs. I have to buy them."

A few weeks later, I enter the bathroom and turn on the lights. It's VERY dim, but I notice that Mr. KK had finally changed the light bulb. In fact, he changed ALL THREE of the light bulbs to 60 watt fluorescent energy saver bulbs.

So as I'm getting ready, the bathroom starts getting brighter.

And brighter.


Finally, the bathroom is equator-bright and I think need sunscreen.

KK: "Wow. You changed the light bulbs."
MR. KK: "Is it too bright?"
"I may need my sunglasses to shower."

Also? These new lights MAGNIFY all of my grey hair.

And I've been showing up at work looking like a clown, because there is no amount of makeup that is making a difference on my face under those spotlights.


merely me said...


edder said...

Sounds like you've got yourself a bad case of what's known in the decorating world as "hag lights". Good luck to you.

The Sorority said...

That is seriously funny!

Am now officially following you instead of just my usual stalking! :)

angelsroy33 said...

This is too funny. I was cracking-up reading this, because I think this exact thing happened in our still-not-totally-done-home. I swear, it's either too dim or too bright/heat lights. There is never a happy medium, trust me. TRUST ME! :)

The Sorority said...

Hey KK - just tagged you in my latest post!

Little Ms Blogger said...

The flourescent bulbs are crazy! You feel like you're still in the dark when they first go on and viola you finally get enough light when you're ready to leave the room.

Jessica said...

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