Monday, March 9, 2009

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE email

(what I'm doing right now: eating calamari salad from the market down the street. The verdict: mine's better.)

Isn't it so fitting that after a gloriously beautiful weekend we are greeted with a rainy, crappy Monday?

My mood today has gone from great, to bad to indifferent. I got an email from someone and I didn't like the tone. We're writing about some big, important stuff, and I just didn't feel the love in the email I got back. So it put me in a bad mood. That's the trouble with email. It's hard to interpret sometimes. Maybe the email wasn't super nice, but it wasn't super mean either, and I'm totally reading too much into it. I don't know. I just expected more...words. And warmth.

So, to cheer myself up, I went to the grocery store during lunch.

On to some fun. Here's a random weekend recap:

Babies. We visited my friend J this weekend who is so beautifully pregnant I could not help but envy her complete and utter content with life.

Grapefruit. To make my life easier, I bought a grapefruit spoon this weekend. You know the ones with the serrated edges? Love it!

Vacation. We found one we loved last week. Didn't book it. Now it's $200 more. Crap.

Gram. My super-cute grandmother left me this voicemail yesterday: "KK, it's your grandmother. I just wanted to tell you that I love 12 pounds last month. I couldn't believe it and had to let you know." I didn't even know she was trying to lose weight. I mean, I WISH I was her age so I could finally stop fighting with myself and eat whatever the hell I wanted and just not care anymore if I had to wear track suits 24/7. How did she do it? The Special K diet. Seriously.

RSVPs. I was tasked by my father-in-law to plan a surprise 65th birthday party for my mother-in-law (in all my spare time). Invitations are out, and Mr. KK and I have bets as to when/if the delinquents in his family will respond. (Hint: they had to be called to RSVP to my bridal shower, our wedding and the anniversary party two years ago. Not RSVPing? Is my PET PEEVE.)

To use my favorite oxymoron of all time: Happy Monday!


Tasha said...

Good luck with the party planning for the in-laws!
And... your Grandma lost 12 pounds in a month?! Pardon me while I sprint to the grocery store to load up on Special K.

merelyme said...

You should totally put a line in it that assumes they will NOT be coming unless they RSVP or a, "Call to get the place!" People who don't RSVP suck.