Thursday, March 12, 2009

In one day the whole month of April changed

Yesterday was one of those days that was uneventful, yet at the same time, a million things happened.

My April has gone from jam-packed with awesomeness to...not.

I will no longer be going to the Joel McHale show, as it has been postponed.

I will no longer be going on vacation, as it has been postponed.

I certainly hope my birthday is still on.

(On a positive note: I am loving my new grapefruit spoon!)
((It's the little things, people))


Tasha said...

Ahhh- I'm so sorry that April is sucking! You have a good excuse to celebrate even more on your birthday now!

The Sorority said...

Birthdays are never postponed and this comes from someone who is OLD! Go buy yourself shoes to cheer you up!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

My birthday is in April too...the 12th! Yay for spring babies!

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