Monday, March 30, 2009

Somebody, hang me out to dry

It was almost a blessing to have to come to work today, because that meant I wouldn't be drinking any more alcohol.

The surprise party was a smashing success – my mother-in-law was surprised and I was smashed.

Case in point:

Yesterday my parents came over for birthday cake and coffee, and my mother walked in with apple turnovers.

I'm a planner; I don't like when people just show up with things.

KK: "What are those?"
MOM: "I brought them for dessert."
KK: "You didn't have to bring anything."
MOM: "I told you last night I was going to bring them and you said it was fine. Don't you remember?"

Wagon? Where are you. I need to jump on.


Tasha said...

Glad to hear the party was a success! Hope the d.t.s aren't too bad this week ;-)

edder said...

Jumping on the wagon is easy, especially if you have a crippling hangover! Staying ON the wagon during the bumpy parts in the road is the tricky part ;-)
Happy to hear the party went well.

The Sorority said...

KK - just had a visit with my inlaws where cocktails start at 4pm every day! My liver cried uncle this weekend also!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

"Wagon? Where are you?"

So funny!

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