Friday, March 27, 2009

TGI-mutha effin-F

Whew! What a long ass week.

The week had some ups: I got a lovely brow waxing.

And some downs (literally): I fell down the stairs.

So I guess it all balances itself out.

I had dinner at my mom's house this week, mainly because she needed Mr. KK to hang a few decorative pieces she bought for the living room. And because my mother has zero faith in my father as a handyman, she asked us to come over and help.

The best part of this whole story was the conversation that went on before the actual date was set. It went something like this:

MR. KK: "I HAVE to get over to your mother's to hang that stuff." (Notice how we refer to it as my "mother's" house and not my "parents'" house? That should tell you something.)

KK: "How about Tuesday? We can just eat dinner there." Note: self-invitation.

MR. KK: "Sounds good. I'm sure she'll want your opinion."

KK: "As long as she doesn't make her new-fangled meatloaf recipe."

One hour later:

KK: "We thought we'd come over on Tuesday night. Mr. KK can hang the stuff."

MOM: "Sure! Stay for dinner. I'll make that delicious meatloaf."

I'm sure NO ONE saw that coming.

As for the weekend, my mother-in-law's surprise 65th birthday is finally here.

This was something that my father-in-law mentioned casually ("I was thinking we could have a surprise party for her for her birthday. You know of places and guests and stuff") before hopping on a plane for 10 days. And while I LOVE planning parties, it could not have come at a busier time. Oh, did I mention her birthday was a mere month away?

So in a month I:
• Compiled a guest list
• Called restaurants for pricing and availability
• Created invitations
• Printed and cut invitations
• Addressed envelopes
• Sampled hors d'oeuvres
• Collected RSVPs
• Communicated with the restaurant manager
• Made up a silly story as to why we were going to dinner at 5pm on a Saturday
• Dodged a questioning mother-in-law

So I'm ready for this party to happen.

Just so my mother-in-law will stop badgering the family with questions.

Happy Friday!


edder said...

You're a goddess, KK! A machine! Well done. My buddy DiDi of The Sorority turned me on to you. I think we're going to get along famously.

talk soon,

Tasha said...

I'm catching up on blog reading and you have been BUSY! Glad you're okay from your fall down the stairs- scary! Good luck with the party planning and the meatloaf- ha ha!

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