Friday, February 19, 2010

Hello, weekend of vices!

The last few weeks have been relatively quiet (surgery, minor dabbling in narcotics and flooded basement aside).

And this weekend we're making up for it! We've got a jam-packed two days coming up, filled with vices galore. In fact, all seven of them.

See here:

1. Pride or Vanity Tomorrow, we are headed to the casino to meet up with our Boston friends. I will spend much time contemplating my appearance (heels or flat boots? clutch or messenger bag? smokey eye or neutral lip?) so that I look just so.

2. Greed I better win at said casino. And when I win, I will want to win more.

3. Lust I'm getting all turned-on and sweaty just thinking about the Hot and Dirty Martini that awaits me. Hello, lovah.

4. Wrath or anger I will be pissed if I don't win any money.

5. Gluttony Tonight Mr. KK and I have a date with some very yummy gourmet burgers and microbrews.

6. Envy or jealousy My grandfather's 90th birthday surprise party is on Sunday. I could only WISH to live that long.

7. Sloth or laziness Once 6pm Sunday night rolls, you can find me in jammies, under a blanket, snuggling with Vito on the couch.

Oh Friday, what too you so long!


Lori said...

Awaiting vice report! I hit most of those this weekend... we DID go to the casino on Saturday, with $120, and came home with $340! Not a fortune, but it's the first time I ever hit a "minor progressive jackpot," so I was happyhappy!

Anonymous said...
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