Monday, February 1, 2010

who's your doppelganger?

There is a woman who walks the street next to our building every morning on her way to work (at some other building) who looks EXACTLY like one of our proofreaders.

Each morning during our team status she'll be walking by and one of will yell out, "There's Dean's doppelganger!"

I'm convinced that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, so I was happy to see that the latest craze on Facebook was to share who your celebrity doppelganger is.

Here's a photo of mine...

(I like to think I'm a better dancer!)

Who does everyone tell you you look like?

Let's start a bloggy doppelganger craze! Post your doppelganger on your blog!


Peterson Family said...

I love the Seinfeld episode where she dances. Awesome!

I don't look like anyone famous. My mom did, I resemble her, so I only look famous by relation.

And my mom looked like the movie and television star Gale Storm.

sj said...

apparently i look a lot like drew barrymoore during her darkish reddish longer hair days.

i posted the photo on fb and family thought it was an actual picture of me.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Not a bad one.

Years ago, when the movie Alien first came out, I was told I looked like Sigourney Weaver during her most disgusting scene by a friend while in the theatre.

Leesha-Rae said...

I've been told that I look like Catherine Zeta Jones. I don't see it but I get it a lot.

I've also been told Tia Carriera but I think it's just because I'm Hawaiian and that's like one of the most famous actresses from Hawaii so they just say I look like her. I don't really see it either.

But those are the 2 I've been told.