Thursday, February 25, 2010

I think I grew up in the wrong decade

A few weeks ago while I was home recuperating (after I agreed to adding all the fun movie channels to our cable system) I came across this movie on TV:

I LOVED this movie. I wanted to LIVE this movie.

Do you remember it?

I think I watched this movie every day my entire Freshman year of high school. I had it memorized.

Not only did I love the dancing and the music, but the whole idea of a girls' getaway made me smile. But it makes me laugh to think of this movie being filmed now, and how different it would be.

Instead of driving the Myrtle Beach, the four 18-year-old friends would be packing their Louis Vuitton bags and jetting off to Cabo or Miami. Instead of entering a Shag contest they'd be getting drunk on the beach and entering wet T-shirt contests. Instead of hanging out at a drive-up milkshake and burger joint, they'd be sipping $15 martinis, nibbling on designer sushi and bumping and grinding with strangers to Kesha. And forget Bobby Valentine. They'd be on the hunt for Bradley Cooper.

But it would end the same: four girls clinging to each other before going their separate ways.

(BTW, could Phoebe Cates be any cuter in this movie???)

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