Wednesday, February 10, 2010

snow day!

Today I'm "working" from home, due to the big blizzard in the Northeast.

Sure, it's barely snowing right now, but I'm sure the bad stuff is on its way.

My day today looks something like this so far:

8:00am: check all email accounts
8:10am: update Facebook status
8:11am: log into ichat and work email
8:15am: start doing work
8:18am: check status of Piperlime shipment
8:23am: give Vito belly rubs
8:31am: download photos from camera
9:03am: get on a surprise video chat for work (if i knew this was going to happen i would have made myself a little more presentable!)
9:45am: vacuum downstairs
10:15am: do some work
10:23am: vacuum upstairs
10:56am: decide Vito's bowls and placemat must be washed
11:05am: re-check status of Piperlime shipment
11:08am: get the mail
11:13am: cook up chicken from the fridge
11:20am: roast brussel sprouts and broccoli
11:45am: respond to personal emails
12:13pm: sit down on the couch for a nice bowl of chicken and roasted veggies for lunch
12:15pm: OMG! I LOVE Bonnie Hunt's show!
12:17pm: Um, Giada is cooking with a teenager who she calls a cousin, but is actually an aunt. Apparently Grandpa had some healthy sperm.
12:23pm: OMG! Guiliana and Bill are going to be on Bonnie's show!
12:35pm: crushing on Guiliana and Bill
12:41pm: umm, Mr. KK and I could TOTALLY have our own reality show
12:52pm: send work email
12:53pm: wash dishes
1:02pm: am exhausted...think it might be time for a break

1 comment:

Tipsy Nikki said...

I spent my snow day visiting old friends, aka blogs. Glad you day was more productive than mine.